Saturday, 7 February 2009

Well it’s almost cool again.

It is a lovely evening, there is little cool breeze, a lovely moon, some bright stars.

The plants are scorched and need to be cut back.

There will be a few warm days before it is hot again.

Time to prune and refresh and water, time to get on the gardening road again.

Time to enjoy the cool and make plans for our Autumn gardens.

Tomorrow we will meet together and tell tales and make plans.


Maggie said...

I realize it is still pretty scary weather for you folks in the Hills.
I guess I am just celebrating the anticipation of a few cooler days.

Veggie Gnome said...

Maggie, we had the same cool breeze last night - and what a relief it was! We also have some scorched plants, but also some that will have a chance to recover during the forecast milder weather.
No serious bushfire around here (yet) and that's the biggest relief.
Have a lovely morning tea! :)