Tuesday, 14 April 2009


There is an Indian lady I know through KGI, called Sunita, who helps run Vanestree which is a small collective dedicated to promoting forest garden biodiversity and food security through the conservation of traditional seeds, in India. I was looking at the website and saw this page below  and thought wouldn't it be wonderful if we could help link people to home stays in places like this where visitors could learn so much, not just about another culture, but also about saving the seeds of what is their civilisation.

If you are thinking of a trip to India, please consider becoming a small part of saving Indian heirloom food crops from the ravages of agribusiness. I am sure your stay would be eye-opening and inspirational.

Indian homestays ....The family has been farming here, near the village of Mathighatta, for generations. Their homestead features a plentiful garden and orchards, where visitors can learn hands-on about organic agroforestry or simply sit back and enjoy. The surrounding jungle contains natural and cultural treasures accessible through treks of various lengths; but innumerable varieties of birds, plants and wildlife are literally just at the back door.....


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Sounds wonderful!