Friday, 29 May 2009


Australian Seed Savers Foundation directors, Michel and Jude Fanton are coming to Adelaide and will be presenting their one hour documentary, “Our Seeds”.

It is an exciting opportunity to meet them and hear of their amazing journeys as well as view this beautiful film. For more information on the film, see below.

Date: Friday, June 26th

Time: 7pm

Place: Burnside Community Centre Hall, Greenhill Rd., Burnside. (Adelaide)

Cost: $5

Bookings and enquiries: email:

Seed Film Released

Seed Savers has released “Our Seeds” , a fifty-seven minute film that celebrates traditional food plants and the people that grow them. A trailer and other film clips may be viewed here.


The film introduces those who stand at the source of humanity’s diverse food heritage. It is a David  and Goliath story where resilience and persuasive logic triumph over seemingly invincible forces that control much of our food.

Seed Savers directors, Michel and Jude Fanton made the film from a hundred and sixty hours of  footage in eleven countries: Spain, France, Italy, India, Sri Lanka, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands.

The film features Pacific islanders as they face great challenges to their way of life, their culture and their traditional cultivation methodologies. They fall into the same traps as we do:- they replace innumerable varieties of root staples with modern hybrids that require pesticides and chemical fertilisers; they import low quality starch such as white rice, biscuits and noodles and risk losing their resilient food crops. This film seeks to reverse this trend.

There are developed instructive motion graphics and a rich sound track, mostly indigenous music recorded in the making of the film. Audio options are the original English soundtrack and Pacific Pigin. Subtitle options are English and French.

Within the first six months the film had been shown on television in over a dozen Pacific nations. Michel and Jude have screened it and taken further footage in five of them: American Samoa, Samoa, Solomons, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea. The reaction to the film was jubilant and appreciative.


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Maggie said...

This will be a fantastic night and a great chance for us seedsavers to get together and support each other and of course Michel and Jude.
Do we know someone who is interested in starting a garden? I think they will enjoy this evening.
See you there.