Sunday, 24 May 2009


Another sms invitation to lunch.... another wonderful, fun day at Hugh's and now we have quadrupled the size of the original patch of vegetable garden and started planning fruit trees too.



There are certain challenges with this work at Hugh's..... the main one being concrete.... who on earth ever thought this was a good idea? Everything is concrete and all different levels and colours....






and then there are the 50 or so bricks we dug out of the little walled garden in the yard.... which were covered with about 4" of soil.... so gardening always starts with demolition.... I love Hugh's gardening outfit too....




We pulled up some more concrete and doubled the size of the herb bed. We planted some parsley I had dug up from my garden and we sowed chervil, chives, rocket, dill and carrots. The rate of growth in Hugh's patch is quite unbelievable. Look at the coriander in the front of this photo....he uses it constantly and these herbs have even graced the plates of diners at Martinha's restaurant and they just keep on growing. One month after planting tiny mizuna seedlings, he said they were too big and overgrowing the lettuce so we removed 2 and put them in a pot which he gave to me and I have just remembered I left it behind! The trimmings went into the salad for lunch....

Thankfully the food is excellent at Hugh's ......well it should be.... he is learning to be a chef!

image image image image
A big bowl of salad leaves, all from the garden What is left of my perfect latte Beetroot crisps... thinly sliced beetroot, baked until crisp....that's it....pure flavour!  

I have no idea why Live Writer won't let me write in the last box under the photo but it is of the dish Hugh has been perfecting at Martinha's.... rabbit and pistachio sausage.... and luckily he brought home the leftovers for our lunch. It is now THE most divine creation and oh so succulent.... I ate FAR too much of it.... this deserves a much better name than sausage!

By the time we had finished remaking the walled garden and planting the broccoli, lettuce and beetroot seedlings it was completely dark.... No doubt Hugh is out there now, sweeping and tidying it all and probably the seeds have sprouted already! This light drizzle will be doing wonders for settling everything in.



Hugh recently received an award for "Outstanding Professionalism" in his chef's course.....well.... a mother is allowed to brag!

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Maggie said...

Love your garden Hugh and the beetroot crisps and "sausage" look good too.
All the best for your new cooking adventures.