Sunday, 17 May 2009


This morning I went to the Showgrounds Farmers' Market, hoping to get some more seedlings from Diana, for Hugh, but also with photography in mind. Of course as soon as I arrived it started to pour with rain. Now don't get me wrong, one should never ever complain about rain in this part of the world, but it does tend to make outdoor photography a little difficult, to say the least. So, I put my camera in my blue trolley to keep it dry and went and talked to Diana, while she wasn't busy, and to get the seedlings, knowing she had a very big tent over her stall and I would find shelter there. Still it rained and rained.... what was that thing about a drought we were having?

Being ever the optimist, I didn't take a jacket or an umbrella because everyone knows it only ever rains for 5 minutes at a time in Adelaide..... except today. So I finished my shopping, avoiding standing under the edges of those shelters that would sag under the weight of the rain and pour water down your neck if you were in the wrong place! Still the rain persisted and it was going to be a long, wet walk back to the car..... and then I saw the photos I had been missing all along..... umbrellas.... everywhere and every shape and colour....



By the time I had taken a few photos guess what...... the rain stopped! Can you believe it? Everyone started folding up their umbrellas and I wanted to shout "NO!..... I haven't finished yet!" Photography is sometimes like soon as you notice something it is gone..... but when you go looking for something there is nothing there. So here are a few of the photos..... click here for more.



Each time I took a photo, I thought of a caption.... it gets serious when your whole life is a series of photo captions and blog posts! But see if you can match these captions with the photos...

  • busy lives, busy clothes, busy umbrella
  • oh, I had no idea my boyfriend's umbrella was SOOOO huge
  • I must get a new, pretty umbrella like all these other women.... mine is so floppy and boring
  • obviously not from dry Adelaide, some people had the perfect umbrella for market shopping
  • oops... sorry about your eye!
  • the Aussie winter look.... umbrella with thongs
  • why did I say I would wait outside for my wife?
  • Laura Ashley blouse and almost matching umbrella.... shopping with maturity and class
  • I'll leave my umbrella upside down in front of the stall so nobody else can get in
  • so there are all the foam boxes Kate is always going on about!


Maggie said...

Wet and wild, where are the seedlings?

Unknown said...

In my trolley, Maggie! Sorry.... no photos of Diana and Jen's stall this time.

Unknown said...

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