Monday, 15 June 2009


So (as Pattie would say)  it is now a race for the who's who to get a vegetable garden going and next it's The Queen's turn! Buckingham Palace is not just getting a vegetable garden but is going to grow 6 endangered, historical vegetables from Garden Organic's heritage seed library.

"For the first time since the Second World War, Buckingham Palace will grow beans, lettuce and tomatoes, from rare seeds and..... it's good to know that in this corner of the Buckingham Palace grounds The Queen is not just growing her own, but also helping protect the diversity of our plant heritage.”

Surrounded by sage, other crops already in situ include Beefsteak and Sun Baby tomatoes, runner beans, Stuttgarter onions, Musselburgh leeks, Fly Away carrots, Red Ace beetroot, broad beans, chard and sweetcorn and the first strawberries from the 30ft by 13ft plot have already hit the Royal kitchens.

The Queen’s produce will feed several hundred palace workers and will be served up at formal state banquets.

The Queen's Veg Patch The Queen's Veg Patch2

When is the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd going to call a spade a spade and get his fine fingers in the soil? Or will it be his wife, as is the case with the Obama's at The White House...or not at all? Gavin over at "The Greening of Gavin"  and a few others are working on getting a vegie patch happening at the Rudd's place. Please get behind this idea all you can and follow the suggestions on his blog about how you can help.

The movement is growing.... times they are achanging......


Unknown said...

Hi Kate! No, my site never had a name change. Still the same good old The Greening of Gavin!

There is a new collective site now run by 3 green bloggers, myself included. Have a look at Kev's Patch. I will send you an email this evening about joining in the fun.


Unknown said...

I saw it, big and green and kind of textured and it just said "GAVIN" . Surely it wasn't a dream....I even told someone about the new name...or maybe that was a dream too!

Sorry Gavin...I look forward to the email soon.