Wednesday, 3 June 2009




Why wouldn't you grow food when you can pick this for dinner on a cold winter's evening? As I wandered around the garden with my basket and knife, after the rain had washed all the vegetables for me, I was thinking of all the things I could do to make these vegetables into meals for the next few days....





  • "spinach" and fetta pie.... I use any leaves not just spinach
  • sorrel soup
  • dip the capsicums into lima bean puree
  • stir fry
  • salads of baby fennel bulb thinnings and flowers,  capsicums, sorrel, mizuna
  • my favouite Turkish "spinach"  soup
  • leftovers on toast for breakfast


Can you believe the colour of the stems of that red chard? image

And the chicory has gone nearly black  and oh so shiny.... I just love those cornos capsicums which are as sweet and as crisp as apples.... and the blue/green of the Russian kale contrasts superbly....

Don't you just want to eat it all? How lucky are we to have the chance to grow all this.... I cannot imagine buying food from the supermarket.... I have a funny story about that....

I visited my mother and we were talking about me visiting her next week on a different day. She likes to give me lunch when I come.

imageI said "Maybe I could come on Tuesday.... after you get home from the supermarket. That way you would have something for us to have for lunch."

She looked at me, with her jaw hanging open, and said " Don't be ridiculous! You can't get FOOD at the supermarket!"

We both realised what she has said.... both of us who grow food and buy the rest at markets.... and laughed and laughed....

I saw a stupid advertisement on TV last night... only one?, you ask!.... well this one was a sportswoman saying she wanted to give her children healthy snacks so she gives them such and such a fruit bar because "it contains a whole piece of fruit".... I said out loud to myself "Well then why not just give them the whole piece of fruit you crazy woman??" Honestly, how ridiculous but I do so love telling the radio and TV and various other appliances what I think of them....

So, who are all those people that think food comes from supermarkets? And would they feel as excited as I do if they too had all these vegetables growing in their back yards? Maybe not unless they were all packaged into things that claim to contain "a whole leaf of spinach" in every bite!

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