Friday, 25 September 2009

4th Saturday and 4th Sunday of the Month

I love the 4th Saturday and the 4th Sunday of the Month!

Why?, well on these day there are local food Markets.

Fullarton Park Community Centre has many local food stalls.

Heather Welsh who sells and knows almost everything about Herbs now has a stall with many unusual herbs on sale.

There is a lady from Meadows who sells eggs, rhubarb, flowers, jams and lovely plants.

I always buy homemade egg sponges and blackberry pies for my Mum cooked by a lady from Uraidla.

I buy olives from a family from the southern suburbs.

Sunday the market is at Stirling.  I think you all know the charm of this special market.

Diana and Jen are usually selling their organic seedlings and the next best stall at the markets is a young couple who make and sell all sorts of organic pies.

Local food, friendly growers, good produce, people to chat too and a totally good place to shop.

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Andrew said...

Hi Maggie
Thanks for the reminder - I never can remember when all these things are on, but we do love to go.
On the second Sunday of last month we went up to Williamstown (on the edge of the Barossa Valley) to visit friends, and there in the carpark of the local Council was Gary Cleary from Lewiston. We bought all sorts of stuff, including avocados,asparagus and pineapples.
As his pineapples are non-hybrid, we were able to keep and plant on the crowns - now we have a collection of three pineapples of our own!