Sunday, 13 September 2009

Nourishing our Bodies

Nourishing our Bodies - Food Matters -You are what you eat.

This week we have eaten out 3 times with friends, some things I ate were not too bad but mostly what I ate did not taste like food at all.

I need to get back in the kitchen and make some nourishing soups, casseroles and salads.

When we cook we add handfuls of fresh herbs from our garden, we buy organic flavourful meat and eggs.

We cook with spices and good oils, we add fresh veggies from the garden.

Our meals are full of colour, flavour and nutrition.

We always eat heaps of salad from the garden because we love the flavour of bitter, sweet, spicy greens and the fresh enzymes these fresh veggies add to our diet.

We want to grow everything, I want to process and save everything.

We will know doubt have a hot summer ahead of us.

How much food do we really need?

Can we save some water and energy by just making do with seasonal produce or is freezing excess food a viable option?

Can we maintain good nutrition from our herbs, sprouted seeds and tougher veggie plants?

We can probably maintain good nutrition with far less food than we normally consume.

So to move away from the thought of chemical filled processed food, I have made a collage of our Spring Garden to share with you.

It is a beautiful SPRING Sunday in Adelaide today, Happy Gardening.



Kelly said...

ohh maggie- your garden looks so well cared for and healthy! lovely

Maggie said...

Thanks Kel,
All the rain we have had over winter has kept everything healthy. I am not looking forward to town watering over summer.
I am looking forward to fresh tomatoes again.