Saturday, 24 October 2009

The Seed Savers Network

The Hills and Plains Seedsavers group is part of the Seed Savers Network started many years ago by Michel and Jude Fanton.


Seed Savers Handbook Online

This is a complete reference for growing, preparing and conserving 117 traditional varieties of food plants. Written especially for Australian and New Zealand conditions in 1993 by Michel and Jude Fanton, founders of The Seed Savers' Network.

Browse the Seed Savers Handbook online

“This is the online version of our enduring classic work. Please feel free to browse here, and remember that there are translations for the work, and you can always purchase a print version for your bookshelf or as a gift to a dear friend.” 
Check out the Seed Savers web site for other resources for starting a seed saving group or starting school gardens for children.

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