Monday, 14 December 2009


image  Dec 3rd
I planted some tiny, half caterpillar-eaten bok choy seedlings into this wheel creation I found in Hugh's junk heap. In the middle I put a bowl of water for the birds.
image At the same time and into the same mixture, I put some of them into little pots.... they looked like these that I potted up today...
only in individual pots.
image Dec 12th
Those in the funny old wheel look wonderful and in 9 days have become almost big enough to begin to eat.....
(I put the pot next to those in the wheel ... not a very clear photo!)
While those in the  little pots have certainly improved and grown a bit, but they are nowhere near as vigorous. Is this to do with the bowl of water and humidity, or the water regulating the temperature of the soil......  or what?


Maggie said...

I love that bowl Kate, maybe the bok choy loves it's home.

click said...

I think, it has something to do with the birds!!!

Linda said...

I'd be going with volume - small pots dry out quicker, temperature of soil varies more. Larger volume of soil around the roots makes happier plants.

Or maybe they like the Cadmium in the old tyre - or something else leaching out of it int he way of trace elements, as it breaks down.