Sunday, 6 December 2009



image We all have plenty of these in our cities, suburbs and towns.

They are usually full of rubbish and weeds.

Councils spray them with chemicals to kill the weeds.

No-one takes charge of them... except the rats and snakes and foxes.

But in Seattle they call them opportunities.....

image image

And turn them into tiny community gardens like this one, above. People take charge....and colour their lives.




The larger community gardens set aside a percentage of the space to grow food to give away and they maintain them with weekly working bees.... like this one... every Tuesday from 5.30 to dusk. Nice.


In Seattle they do other creative things too with public or community land....please click on the photos to get a better look....

image image image
Follow the water pipe down from the gutter on the roof..... into 2 quirky tanks for the garden behind and then the overflow splashes down via a tin rubbish bin and 2 metal bowls..... a hollowed rock and then into a stony drainage area which waters the lawn ..... I love it!


So vegetable gardens and water facilities can be creative, interesting things ...which make them fun and inspiring and good places to be. They don't have to be just rectangular boxes with edges...

The community garden has escaped, below.... and is out in the street!


imageSo, to all those who are helping create community gardens all over the world.... think outside the square.... invite art and nature in... grow not just food but life.


If they can do it in Seattle where the housing is like this.... we can do it anywhere.

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