Friday, 25 December 2009

Happy Festive Season

Happy Festive Season everyone, thank you for stopping by at our blog this year & sharing our gardening experiences with us.

We wish you, you families & gardens a happy New Year. We hope your gardens flourish & remember to leave some of your healthy plants to go to seed so you can save them.

Our garden looks very happy with this mild weather we are having, we are picking zucchinis, lots of herbs & chillies. Our first Bari cucumbers look delightful sitting in the garden, the first three we are saving for the seeds so we have not tasted them as yet.

So from all the folks from the Hills & Plains Seedsavers group we wish you good health & happiness & we look forward to sharing our gardening with you in 2010.

Xmas Garden

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chaiselongue said...

Season's greetings to you all - it's lovely to see summer vegetables at this time of year (for us in the northern hemisphere). And all through the year one of the attractions of your blog is seeing the 'opposite' season from ours.