Thursday, 28 January 2010

Saving, Storing and Growing Heirloom Seeds

Like everything else in life everyone has their own way of doing things.

People often ask me about saving seeds so when I found these videos I thought I would put them on the blog and see what comments we get.

Thanks to these folks who made these videos for us to enjoy.


Kate said...

This bloke does a lovely job Maggie. I would hope that if he came to Australia, we would welcome him to our seedsavers group and give him some of our favourites to take home.

Unknown said...

Hi! Thanks much for sharing the links. I am also on a look out for one because I am collecting heirloom seeds. I wish to share plenty of seeds too to my mom.

Heirloom Seeds

Unknown said...

Great! This is awesome. Thanks for sharing the videos, I feel inspired in making my garden really awesome! it's really amazing to have a beautiful garden.

Heirloom Seeds