Sunday, 31 January 2010


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image Dear readers and friends,

I am sitting here inside on this very hot summer's day in Adelaide, wishing I was somewhere else. I was thinking about my fabulous Voyage of the Vegetable Vagabond in 2008 and about my nearly 6 months in France in 2009 and I had an idea for 2010.... you know me, full of ideas and some of them are even good!

I would love to house-sit for people with vegetable gardens and pets or other animals like chickens and goats. It seems Australians are welcome almost anywhere for 3 months without a visa, so that's the length of time I would be available for, except in France where I have a longer visa which expires at the end of July, and in the UK, where I can live, and of course in Australia, which is my home. I speak some French and Japanese, a very little Italian.... and a smattering of English!

I'd just need to borrow a car, depending on where you live, and have wifi. That's about it. I want to finish writing my book..... I'd come and look after everything for you, as if it were my own. And I especially would be happy to work in your vegetable garden for you. I have joined MindMyHouse but I thought I could short cut the red tape by sending my plea out into blogland, where people more or less know me, and see what happens.

I am busy until mid-February, house-sitting for a friend in Tasmania.... then I am kind of free for a while (it is a long story which some of you kind of know about...). So, wherever you are in the world, if you have been thinking of going away but have no-one to care for your garden and animals and home, maybe this would be a good chance to make some plans. Ask your friends and email this post to people who might be interested....anywhere.

Please send an email to katevag at

See you soon,


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