Saturday, 15 May 2010



If you follow this blog you will be aware that grass in Adelaide, unless watered, turns golden and does not grow in summer because we have very little summer rain. But as soon as the rain comes in Autumn, the grass grows again.

So the neighbouring agricultural high school paddocks are green again.

It is then that the cows are put back in the paddocks to graze on the winter grasses.

The goats appeared in a neighbouring paddock a few days ago and today the cows are back!

The animals are from the local agricultural high school and are kept in back paddocks during summer but in winter they are in the front paddocks and many local people bring their children to see the animals.

So now my young grandson will be elated, because all summer I have told him as we gazed at the barren, sun dried paddocks, when the rain comes, the grass will grow and when there is green grass in the paddocks, the cows will come back.

I repeat myself many times about some things I would like him to be interested in and remember.

WOW! the cows are back or WOW! the seeds we sowed have germinated and WOW! this parsley is from the seed we saved then threw over the garden in summer, WOW! this lettuce is yummy, WOW! look at all the worms in the worm farms.

Why? well it is important for us all to be aware of nature and the seasons.

The seasons bring many changes in our gardens and lives, foods appear once a year and then they are gone until next season.

Each month brings a different fruit or vegetable to enjoy, preserve or let go to seed so it can be replanted next year at the appropriate time or just left in the soil to germinate when the conditions are right for it.

Next week when he visits and we shall enjoy watching the cows chomp on the green grass and wander the paddocks.

And why are their 5 cows this winter and there were 10 cows last winter, well that is another story for another day!

We love the cows and we love the fact that they are eating lovely green grass, and that they look so healthy and content.


Anonymous said...

It's great to see those cows back and to have a bit of green to look at.

My grandmother used to repeat things and I am so glad she did as I remember all her stories and they are wonderful. Keep it up with your grandson!


Kate said...

The grass looks amazing Maggie!

The cows are back next door to me too but they scared the living daylights out of the chooks when they stood at the fence the first day, chewing, watching the poor chooks run like mad to the far corner of the yard, squawking and carrying on!

I think they are all friends now.