Thursday, 10 June 2010

Methi, coriander rice cakes

Methi Rice Cakes-3

Take some cooked rice add sliced spring onions, sliced fenugreek leaves, some sliced fresh coriander, some red chilli , some salt , white pepper and some farm fresh eggs.

Cook small amounts in a little oil, turn and when brown and crisp serve with Greek yoghurt flavoured with lots of crushed garlic.

We are so happy to have discovered the delicious flavour of cooked fenugreek leaves, now I can understand why fenugreek is such a popular ingredient in Indian cookery. 

This has to be the smells of an Indian restaurant on a plate!


Veggie Gnome said...

I love fresh fenugreek - thanks for introducing us to it - and sharing it with us. :)

Kate said...

Great Maggie! My fenugreek has just germinated and chose to do so on a very frosty morning. I worried that it would be killed but it's growing fast and look wonderful. I will make these Indian rice cakes soon!

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