Sunday, 10 October 2010

10/10/10 Today in Our Garden

Ripening Mulberries

Succulent mulberries

Flowering Herbs

Flowering Herbs

Californian Poppy

California Poppy

Cherry tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes just about ready to plant out


We love chicory

Sage and Oregano

Sage and Oregano

We have spent several enjoyable days working in our garden. The weather has been lovely and we have been able to make lots of mulch from our winter pruning's.

We have made a zucchini bed, a potato cage bed and a pumpkin patch. Our artichoke bed is looking good and we have lots of mulberries on our small trees.

The highlight of our garden is the herbs, rapa and rocket plants going to flower and forming seed.

We have planned our summer garden and we will are just hoping that we do not have heatwaves and that we can keep our garden healthy and productive. So for the moment we are dreaming of a mild Adelaide summer with tropical rain showers and cool nights. Reality will hit in January or even in November like last year.

Happy gardening to all.


africanaussie said...

Your garden is looking good Maggie - are you also getting more rain than noral or is it just Queensland?

Annette said...

Everything is looking so healthy and lush. Let's hope we don't have the heatwaves we had last summer!

Elizabeth said...

Everything looks lovely, though these pictures are a tease! We're preparing for winter here- I'm bundled in layers myself, with a few blankets covering things in the garden!
I hope your season goes well. I'll have to check in for some inspiration over the next few months.

Kelly said...

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