Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Rosella Enjoying Salad Burnet Seeds in the Garden Today

Rosella in the Salad Burnett-16

We save seeds to plant out in our next seasons garden.

We let plants go to seed so they self seed and reappear in our gardens as the seasons change.

We save seeds to give to others.

We save seeds so we have nourishing food next season.

We let things go to seed to enjoy the beauty of the flowers and seeds.

We let things go to seed so bees and birds and other insects are attracted to our gardens.

These visitors pollinate, eat bugs and keep our gardens healthy.


Tell us a tale of your seed saving adventures!


Kate said...

Maggie.... am I dreaming or are you as mad as me about seeds now??

Maggie said...

I am on my way Kate!!!!