Saturday, 28 May 2011

Brilliantly Coloured Autumn Fruits and Leaves on the Adelaide Plains

Colours of Autumn-2

It is Autumn in Adelaide South Australia, nearly winter.

Here are some of the gorgeous coloured fruits we are enjoying at the moment.

Soft juicy beautiful flavoured persimmons we bought at the last Rare Fruit Society meeting.

Beautiful mauve and purple lilly pillys we forage from local trees. They are large and juicy and we love eating them straight from the trees.

The last of our excel figs  not as sweet as they were a month ago but still yummy.

Beautiful jewel red pomegranate seeds just from our tree. Once again we just love these seeds.

Peoples citrus trees are covered with mandarins, oranges, grapefruit and lemons almost ready to eat and make delicious marmalades from.

As we take Niki and our grandson for walks it is wonderful to see brilliant trees covered with vibrant yellow, orange and golden leaves, red and purple coloured vines, rainbow coloured flowers and bushes, bright yellow and pale pink roses and bright green grass after the wonderful rain we have had.

Autumn leaves are being raked and thrown under bushes for mulch or added to compost heaps.

There are loads of birds around I guess they come down from the Adelaide Hills which are 5 minutes drive away but heaps cooler than here on the plains.

Our winter green garden is starting to produce Asian greens, rapa and all the wonderful herbs we add to our meals.

We still have capsicums and chillies ripening, lovely bunches of parsley and rocket.

No longer am I sad that tomatoes have disappeared because Autumn and winter has replaced them with exquisite flavours, new recipes to try and enjoy.


africanaussie said...

oh Maggie that looks delicious - can I come for lunch?

Maggie said...

That would be great Gillian.
We are just sitting down to have a lovely bowl of homemade veggie soup.
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely photo!
I enjoy following your opposite seasons :-)

Pattie Baker said...

Maggie: Wow--so wonderful! I hope I get pomegranates like that from my two new little trees one day!

smallgardendesign said...

Its so wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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backyard designer said...

Wow--so wonderful! I hope I get pomegranates like that from my two new little trees one day!

FIMS said...

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nelson peltz said...

Great post. thanks for sharing these beautiful posts.

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