Sunday, 24 July 2011

Saving seeds... do we have a choice?

Natabar Sarangi - The Source from the source project on Vimeo.


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

This is a very beautiful video. Thanks for sharing.

Maggie said...

Thanks Kate for adding this for me.
Enjoy your garden

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
I came across your blog a few weeks ago and really love it.
I too am doing my best at living a simple lifestyle with my family.I have an organic vegetable garden and have been collecting seeds from the rainbow chards, ruby red chards,kohl rabi,sunflowers, and the basil that I have been growing for the past 3 years although I have only a small backyard I manage to grow alot of other vegetables,herbs and flowers too.So pleased to see such a wonderful video about the importance of saving seeds Thankyou. Regards

Anonymous said...

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