Saturday, 10 September 2011

Colourful Spring Flower Salad

It is Spring here on the Adelaide Plains, there are flowers everywhere and trees are bursting with beautiful blossoms.

We are still having lots of rain and it is cold at night so our Kale is still growing well and the lemon tree is bursting with large juicy lemons.

The cows, sheep and goats in the paddocks near us are enjoying munching away on lush green pastures.

Nasturtiums are making a colourful display in the garden. Eating nasturtiums helps prevent hay fever as well as making a colourful tasty salad. 

Salad for Buddha House-1

Borage flowers, pineapple sage flowers, garlic chive flowers, brassica flowers and calendula petals are all edible flowers. With all these gorgeous colours I am sure they all contain wonderful healing properties.

When you let your herbs and veggies go to seed they just reappear next year and the joy of fresh seasonal produce is a pure delight.

September is a lovely month here in Adelaide, check out the Australian Open Garden Scheme if you want to visit some amazing gardens.

Happy Gardening and enjoy your greens and flowers.


Kate said...

A mouth watering and beautiful salad, Maggie. No wonder you and I keep the coughs and colds at bay. Imagine if everyone ate like this.... the doctors would be out of a job!

Anonymous said...

Hi from Denis
Not connected with the Group for a while. Do you have an email Maggie.
Enjoyed visits and gatherings with Kate.

Let us know when the next gathering
is on. Cheers
Denis Byerley

gardening said...

As I'm in the UK your pic of your spring flower salad has made me quite jealous. It's freezing here in the UK and I'm longing for the spring growth but I still have months to wait!

Katie said...

I love this!! I need to make my salads more colorful and cheerful with edible flowers like yours. I have to try this soon!

Alicia said...

that looks yummy!


such a wonderful collection...
keep it.

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When your garden gives you flowers and vegetables, use them both to make a salad that tastes like pure spring ;)

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