Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Strawberry Planters and Another Grey Water Tale

Thought you might like to see my home made strawberry planters so there is a picture attached. I'm quite happy with their recovery after transplanting and they are easy to move into or out of the sun on really hot days.

Also, I can sympathize with Kate in her plight to save her washing machine water for the lawn - I had a similar bout of frustration in attempting to get my grey water onto our garden. Firstly, it is 50 meters from my washing machine to the garden. Not a problem I thought, so off I went to Menzel's seeking advice about piping etc. I ended up bringing home 5o meters of large spiral tubing so large you can almost put your fist in it - this is apparently so there is no back pressure on the washing machine motor causing it to burn out. However I have nowhere to store this so it is in permanent position down the side of our townhouse fence. The next problem encountered was the lack of downward slope so whilst the water does run onto the garden I am left with a very full pipe of water at the end of the washing! Still it's worth a try.


Kate said...

Looking good Kath. Are those the runners from my garden?

Maggie said...

This is a really good idea, I will try it sometime.