Friday, 2 February 2007

Barb's Garden

What could be more pleasant on a summer's evening than wandering through someone else's veggie patch, delighting in the sights and colours, tastes and textures, with narry a weed to pull nor any responsibility at all, except to stroke one's chin, look wise and mutter indistinctly about the varieties on display?
So it was for me this week, when Barb invited me along to her backyard patch, just up the road and around the corner from home, and just five minutes away by bicycle.
The great long list of questions Barb had in her hand was a bit daunting, but didn't prove to be too tough. It did remind me of my own early stumblings in the veggie patch, though. Why are these leaves a funny colour? Why have the tomato leaves dried out? How big will this grow? This one doesn't seem to be growing! When should I have planted these?
Everything is a source of worry in those first few years, until the passing of the seasons gives one a certain sense of misplaced confidence.
After our marvellous tour, I congratulated Barb on a superb effort, and reminded her that garden's require and teach patience. It's a fast world out there, but Mother Nature moves along at her own gentle pace (unless she's growing weeds!)
Kate tells me to use Picasa to put all the photos I took up on our Blog site; I'll try that next.
Barb - you're doing real well.
As the Germans would say: - "Immer mit der Ruhe!" - always go quietly!

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Kate said...

Lovely, Andrew.Good luck with picasa - I look forward to seeing the photos.