Wednesday, 7 February 2007


Imagine that 3 of your best friends call in to see you one morning and you spend some hours chatting and laughing together in the garden before enjoying some well-earned plum cake and good coffee under a shady tree. When they have gone you realise that all the weeds are gone from your vegie patch, errant beans are tied up, all the seeds that have dried on the bushes during summer have been collected and placed in named boxes and once again you can see the eggplants which were previously totally overrun by rampant pumpkin vines and which now follow a more orderly route.The boysenberry had sent prickly sinews out through the white netting that you hadn't got around to removing but now it was all clipped and freed of its chains. How did this happen while we were having such fun ? Were there fairies in the garden ? It is called a garden group and every keen gardener should have one.

We meet every Wed morning during school terms and today was my turn. I have been feeling rather unhappy with my mess of a garden this summer and things had only been getting worse as the days got hotter and I stayed inside bottling mountains of fruit from the gardens of various family members. Last week we went to Glenys' place at Carey Gully and did the same for her berry patch, uncovering 2 strange, very deep holes behind the raspberry patch. Her joy at having things staked and trimmed and her white netting removed from her raspberries was catching and it makes you feel good to help out someone who appreciates it all so much. Next week is Kathy's turn then Sally's and then Lou's.

If you possibly can, ask some fairies to your garden and then experience the pleasure of returning the favour and you too may be on the road to having your own garden group.

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