Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Hot Happy Days

Greetings to you all.

We have found the hot days a good time to pursue other interests other than gardening. With only a minimum time from 8pm or early morning watering and the use of shade cloth we have managed to produce just sufficient amounts of tomatoes, peppers, chillies, a few zucchini and lots of herbs which we add to all we eat. When the weather cools a bit we are going to give our bed a good feed and get started again . I am looking forward to fresh juicy spring onions , lots of parsley and herbs, bunches of kale, crisp lettuce & lots of different and unusual herbs for teas & infusions.

Having these plants fresh for picking gives us the basis of our new way of eating . The farmers market should provide the rest, ie fresh apples and pears (Kalangadoo) , free range eggs, beetroot, leeks and broccoli from the food forest stall. A little goats yoghurt and soft cheese and lots of carrots from Wilson's organics. With an organic chicken (for 2 people this makes heaps of meals (the carcass for stock; just add broccoli and herbs or greens) and the rest is lightly cooked in southern Indian style with fresh curry leaves, mustard and cumin seeds, turmeric, Malaysian curry powder, lots of carrots and peas, onions, garlic, yum. Our other staples are brown rice, some dried beans or lentils, a fish or some grass fed red meat and a loaf of sprouted ancient grain loaf made at Pooraka (comes into Wilson's, Organics To Go or Real Organics on Thursdays). This bread is so good and filling and makes great toast.

All this data is included because it is the result of over a years investigating the questions of what are the best things to grow and eat to prevent disease and boost the immune system . Ref Diana's Seeds for Health gardening course (commencing again in April this year), all the naturopaths, raw foodies or herbalists we have heard talk at the natural health society, cancer care & the herb society . Cheers everyone, may it rain soon.


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Kate said...

What a pleasure it is to read about someone eating with the love of beautiful, organic food which gives health and happiness. One organic chicken beats any amount of factory 'food'. In fact I am surprised that the shelves of processed stuff in the supermarkets is allowed to be called 'food', as it provides no nourishment, only harm to our bodies.