Monday, 19 March 2007

Back on the Planet

Does anyone else seem to lose time over the new year period or is it just me? Back in January our neighbour on the western boundary cut down five Silky Oaks that completley shaded our very small rear garden (complete with quite nice but no good for eating shade loving plants) leaving us exposed to hot afternoon sun beating in with a vengence. We have just completed moving most of the shade plants, purchasing blinds for the house and preparing the space we now have to grow some vegs and herbs. We replaced the existing sprinkler type watering system with a low pressure drip system and it has already made a huge difference to the remaining plants - they are looking much healthier. I may not have the cool, shaded and private garden I once had but I'm one happy little chook thinking about strolling down (all 10mtrs) the side of the house to my small but hopefully soon overflowing herb and veggy patch.

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