Sunday, 22 April 2007

Aboriginal Food and Plant Trail

We spent and excellent morning with Uncle Wally Kite at the Botanic Gardens. It was facinating to learn that Eucalypts, Yuccas and other indigenous plants had such a variety of uses. Did you know that the Cycad seeds, which are very poisonous, are prepared in a special way to make edible tasty flour. Possums roasted taste like mutton and the bones can make spear heads. Of special interest 4 possom skins make a vest and 16 possum skins make a cape for grandma.This was a talk where trees and plants were respected and implements and tools made from old bendy roots and knarls and burrs rather than chopping and destroying nature. I left the talk with a new awareness of the trees and plants around me and sad that I have just heard this for the first time after spending my whole life with almost no knowledge of Australian Indigenious culture.

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Kate said...

When are we going to really see things the aboriginal way, not the 'English'or western way ?? 200 years doesn't seem to be long enough ! I am sorry I couldn't go but I know that type of experience is very humbling.