Monday, 23 April 2007

Beauty and Mathematics in the Veggie Patch

Mathematics can be scary stuff, but some of the most beautiful shapes and forms in nature are described by the simplest possible mathematical formulae.
The photo shown is one I found of a Romanesco Brocolli by Googling for Images under 'fractal' on the web. What a great desktop background!
Perhaps not surprisingly, this shape also demonstrates another esoteric piece of mathematics called "Fibonacci series", which describes all sorts of spriral shapes in nature, from sunflower seed heads, pineapples, nautalus shells, plant branching, flower petals, pine cones and this brocolli.
Does Fibonnaci sound familiar?
The new Cafe Fibonacci in our Botanical Gardens pays tribute to the Italian mathematician Leonardo of Pisa (1170 to 1250) , known as Fibonacci

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