Thursday, 26 April 2007

Jewels in the garden

If you have dried up old beans hanging on the vine pick them and keep some for next year's sowing. The rest you can eat all winter long in soups and casseroles and dips. Soak them overnight, whatever sort they are, then boil for about an hour (this will vary) either in a soup or separately. If you want to use them in a dip, boil them until they are very soft and squash easily between your fingers. Next.....we hope Maggie will write out her ideas for us !!

Check out my beans and pumpkins on the photos link.

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Andrew said...

Beauty Kate!
I read somewhere that it is imperative that beans for seedsaving need to dry on the vine, not in the shed.
I mention this because, with the rains starting and thoughts of winter veggies looming, it's tempting to pull out those still green beans to make way for winter plantings, especially when the rains come.