Friday, 18 May 2007

Feeding the Family from the Backyard Veggie Patch

G'day All
Kate has asked me what Sunday's talk will be all about...
I'm going to 'ad-lib' a brand new version of a lecture I gave about three years ago to SASA, called "Feeding the Family from the Backyard Veggie Patch"
I've no intention of telling the audience how to grow vegetables, but hope to leave them with the feeling that doing so is both worthwhile and beautiful.
So, it's a philosophy lecture, really, but the slides from my garden are gorgeous; they are printed out in glorious technicolour, laminated, Velcro dotted, and awash with gardening quotations that I dug up from all over.
And as I don't have a slide projector, I'm going to stick them up on a display board behind me, and so invent a whole new way of delivering a public lecture.
Do I know what will be in the talk? Not until I'm talking!
It starts at 11.30am at Fern Avenue Community Gardens in Fullerton, and will run for about 45 minutes.

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