Monday, 21 May 2007


Obviously I'm still having trouble adding to this blog, but hopefully this works. It seems that not everyone is aware of the Magill Grain Store situated on Magill Road, just beyond the Magill Primary School. It supplies bales of straw (pea straw will be in short supply next spring) and lucerne hay, fertilisers (Neutrog etc.), bird and chicken feed and some dry dog food. I've just recently purchased some seed potatoes, and bulk broad beans (just a kilo, but that will probably last forever). Kate has said that she buys her green manure seeds there as well. Delivery of anything, no matter how much or where, costs $10 (even for me who lives just around the corner). It's open usual hours during the week except for Saturday, when they close around lunch time - and I'm sure they're closed Sunday.


Maggie said...

Thanks for that info we shall check it out soon

Kate said...

You are not the only one having problems, Barb. Try as I might I cannot get some photos I have scanned in to appear on the blog. Even that beautiful picture I took of Kath seems to have come to grief ! Oh well.

Unknown said...

We live in Houghton and have monthly deliveries of bird seed, chicken grain, bales of hay and they even deliver point of lay chickens on odd occasions. Love their service... Friendly and always happy! Thanks Tony.