Sunday, 27 May 2007

Unusual Seeds #2

We were very fortunate recently; Eden Seeds ( - who save all sorts of wonderful open-pollinated non-hybrid vegetable seeds - allowed us to purchase several hundred packets of their seeds at a good price, for dissemination among our seed saving friends.
One of our responsibilities is to 'grow on' some of these unusual vegetable seeds. One of my responsibilities will be to highlight a few of these treasures every week or so, so that we may gradually learn about our seed heritage. Text and photos are courtesy of Eden Seeds.
Mild salad mix of greens and reds, usually includes lettuces such as Cos, Purple Oakleaf, Green Mignonette, Red Crunch, also Rocket, Tatsoi, Mizuna and Red Radicchio, ready to start picking outside leaves 25-40 days, grows all year round if sheltered, one packet is enough to start a new plot every few weeks. Add edible flowers. For autumn/winter you might add Endive, or Corn Salad. Seeds per packet: 450

SPINACH : NEW ZEALAND (Tetragonia tetragonioides) (WARRAGUL GREENS)
Spreading green vegetable, best to use young leaf tips which also encourages branching. Native New Zealand & Aust. vegetable popular world-wide. Long season, continues into dry summer conditions, hardy and disease resistant, survives frost and re-grows. Best cooked. Likes adequate moisture and sunny position. Sow in spring. 50 days. Seed count: 18/gSeeds per packet: 50

TOMATO (Lycopersicon esculentum)
Originates from the Andes and cultivated in Central America. Suppresses couch grass, high in vitamin C, companion to parsley. Prefers open sunny positions. Sensitive to frosts. Water in furrows rather than overhead to reduce disease, declines if waterlogged. Does well on light to heavy soils with good drainage and high organic and phosphorus. Sow anytime in frost free areas, can sow indoors 5 weeks before transplanting in cooler areas or after last frost. Seed count: 250-400 seeds per gram
Red oxheart shaped fruit 4-5cm wide and 5-12cm long, tasty solid flesh used for stews, bottling, drying and sauces, can be vigorous climber 2.5m. long. 82 days.Seeds per packet: 80

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Kate said...

This year I am going to grow Amish Paste and Tigarella and something big and meaty. I had better get the seeds from you if you have any left.