Tuesday, 26 June 2007


Pattie from food shed has another great article entitled " enough ".Check it out.

Sufficient for the day, to live in the moment.To eat seasonally and whatever is fresh in the garden today. The indigenous people of all lands new this.

So today as I look at our small vege patch and decide what to prepare I am mindful and grateful that there is more than enough.

The cold and frosty mornings have not damaged our greens.
Today we shall be having a large green salad (mixed lettuce leaves, rocket, mibuna, mitzuma,baby beet leaves, spring onions and mixed chicory leaves).Served with Flavia's healthy salad dressing(olive oil,balsamic vinegar,garlic, chopped parsley and fresh herbs)

We have lots of Andrew or Kate's pale spinach, plenty to make a frittata , Greek spinach pie or Lebanese vegetabe fritters .Serve this with some yogurt flavoured with garlic , coriander and mint. What a feast!.

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It was all so lovely.............