Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Hany Hints for garden machinery


· sharp tools reduce stresses and strains on wrists, elbows, etc.,
· sharp powertools reduce fuel consumption and engine wear,
· correctly serviced machines reduce swearing,
· always use a filter funnel when adding fuel,
· keep your 2 stroke and 4 stroke fuel in strikingly different and labelled containers
· try to drain fuel (or allow to run out) from 2 stroke engines (much easier to start next time),
· always turn off the fuel tap if there is one.
· hard working engines will use oil; check oil every time you add fuel.


Quentin Jones has been running ‘Quentune Engineering’ for over 30 years, starting off building, tuning and racing motorcycles. This experience has made it easy to adapt to the many small engines that are available today to help with garden and small farm maintenance. WELL SERVICED, TUNED and SHARPENED EQUIPMENT makes the job easy. Poorly serviced and blunt tools often put well meaning gardeners off which can allow things to get out of hand. This can cause stress and create fire hazards and weed problems.
Standard service-clean/replace air filter, clean/replace fuel filters (did you know there are 2 fuel filters on most chainsaws and brushcutters?), clean water traps, clean air-cooling fins/galleries ( ah, the joys of compressed air!), check/clean/replace spark plug,. Start, test, tune engine. Check engine and gearbox oils, change oils as necessary. PRICE $35 plus parts
Sharpening service-saw chains from $9 (you can double that if the chain is really mangled)
-secateurs from $8.50 (stripped, cleaned, sharpened)
-hedge clippers from $8.50 (stripped, cleaned, sharpened)
-household scissors, knives, etc.
Chainsaw bar straightening and dressing
-is your chainsaw cutting in a big curve? $9 will fix that
General repairs -valve grinds (more compression-more power-easier starts)
-engine rebuilds (using too much oil? fouling spark plugs?)
-light welding.
-sheetmetal work

Call-out service -can’t bring the job to me? Maybe it can be fixed on the spot.
Ride-on mowers, waterpumps, firepumps. Give me a call.
Call-out fee $25 (first 20 minutes including travel)
Pick-up and delivery service based on the call-out fee but no minimum charge.(there’s no such thing as a free lunch)
Machinery bought and sold. machinery sold on consignment.

Quentune Engineering (part of NIRVANA Farm)
184 Longwood Rd., Heathfield. Ph. 83392519
Ph 83392519

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Kate said...

Good advice is always welcome. Thanks Deb and Quentin.