Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Another Garden Project come Creation

As my garden is always evolving it seems my destiny to be always creating something new & it always seems to be created out of nothing (of value) the challenge being to build it without buying new materials.
It was time for a new cold frame or two as the old one had succumbed to rot, collapsed breaking the glass into a million pieces.
I first checked out my timber pile, mostly inherited from other people clearing up .But the years ( & projects) have exhausted it & I can find no suitable timber to make the cold frame come shade frame for seedlings.
But never fear, close by is another pile of ‘gifts’ & I decide to use some fluted plastic that was once a roof that was hit by hail & ended up here. When it arrived I had no idea what I could use it for but it’s starred in a number of projects including rebuilding the garden shed, protection around the base of the tunnel house, foundation for my flow form stand ( although no one would know as I’ve rendered it & it looks great)
So now the fluted plastic forms the frames of 2 cold frames. The front 8” high the back 12” high... I have 4 pieces of perspex for the top from the ‘woolies upgrade” (all part of a freezer unit discarded & rescued by us).
I then managed to find enough angle bits in the shed for one & then a mangled piece from the freezer panels provided enough straight bits for the other. Now it was just a matter of gluing /screwing the sides together.
As the edges where a bit rough (I’m still learning to control the angle grinder) I cut up some old polly pipe, split it down one side & put it over the edge, groovy. Add some hinges (new, could not find suitable ones around the place)
And hey presto I’ve got 2 new cold frames for seedlings. I put them in place & connected a cord to the wall to allow for ventilation. Before summer I’ll add a mister & connect it through the garden irrigation & add a shade cloth frame.
It’s only days since they are completed & in service warming up some newly planted seeds & the next project, a new entrance to my packing shed/shop/classroom as begun!!!! But hey its lots of fun & very satisfing.

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Maggie said...

Fantastic idea. Great to see people giving a new life to discarded bits & pieces.