Tuesday, 3 July 2007


There will be an instruction session at Cath's for any members who would like to really get the hang of using the blog and all the bits that go with it, like the 'Seeds to share' document etc. All you have to do is bring your current email address and a password .

Cath has offerred to give us some morning tea and a stroll around the garden after all that hard work.
To run all the Google stuff - ie the blog and all the links etc you need to have :

- Internet Explorer 7 or a recently updated version of Firefox.

- At least Windows 2000 (preferably XP)

- Dial-up is OK but slower than broadband so photos will take a while to download.

Check what you have. Free upgrades can easily be downloaded. If you need help with this we can send you instructions to guide you through. A bit of time invested in this will mean the difference between success and failure in using the blog. Don't give up before you even get started !

Date, time and place details are in the email you should have received already. If you need more information just ring me.If you cannot come, you can invite me to your house for a nose around your garden in exchange for some help !! Seems this is the only way I will get to see people's gardens !

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