Sunday, 22 July 2007

Don't kill your vegetables

Early morning in the study with the heater on and a pot of lemon myrtle tea.
The birds outside are chirping and busy doing what they do.
Nearby, in the paddocks of the local agricultural school, new little black lambs are being born daily .
The sun is sun is coming up and the forecast for today is 15 degrees celsius. A good day for gardening.
All the farmers who sell their goodies at the Adelaide Farmers Market will be setting up their stalls or driving to the Market.
So don't spend too much time reading this, get down there and see what winter goodies are waiting for you .

Back to the topic I was going to write about - DON'T KILL YOUR VEGETABLES.
Most vegetables can be eaten raw, this means that you get heaps more enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients .
Even if you are having a hot soup or warming casserole on a cold day make sure you put bowls of fresh herbs or grated fresh vegetables on the table as an accompaniment.
Not only is this delicious but the enzymes are essential for good digestion .

The Indians serve fresh sambals of vegies , yoghurt and pickles.
The Koreans serve pickled kimchee.
The Italians have fresh salads and pickled vegetables.
The Chinese have pickled mustard greens on rice for breakfast. YUM !
Well my breakfast of ground seeds , almonds , goats yoghurt and kiwi fruit awaits me.
Have a great day.


Kate said...

Wonderful advice.Could you put that recipe for the pickled mustard greens on the blog ?

Maggie said...

I will when I can find it. I deleted a whole lot of bookmarks. I have found others but the one I made was great and got better as it stood in the fridge.It had a little tang, a little sweetness and a delicious mustard flavour. Please mustard green recipe come back to me !!!