Sunday, 22 July 2007

Sick with envy

Look at all these olives to choose from. In Adelaide it is so hard to find raw olives to buy, even at the farmers' markets. This is a picture of the Usez market in France, from the KGI newsletter, where there are dozens of different raw olives available and doesn't that look like Maggie ! There may be a KGI trip to the kitchen gardens and markets of France, says Roger (the KGI king) and that sounds like my kind of trip. Imagine getting into the backyards of the French gardener - and maybe they would give us morning tea too ! Oh la la.
Also in the July newsletter is advice on when to dig garlic, 101 simple summer recipes and saving tomato seed.


Anonymous said...

AH slow food is planning an olive picking day for next year. a good opportunity to get some quality fruit although the variety may not be there. remember this is a new industry here & it takes time to have local varieties & specialities. Where I grew up in SW NSW there was a strong olive industry (even in our school yard there where many olives) BUT these groves where all pulled out in the 1970's to make way for grapes & oranges for juice!

Kate said...

We used to have several beautiful olives growing wild on the face of the hills near us.Every year we would pick them.Last year they were gone. The council has chopped them all down, no doubt without taking cuttings. I should have done it myself but now it is too late.I look forward to the Slow Food day.