Friday, 24 August 2007

August in the garden

It all seems so possible this time of the year when the soil is damp and delicious, the sun is shining but not hot and the whole garden sparkles with life and I darn well skipped across the kitchen again !! Lets not worry about drought just now; lets be grateful for what we have and the fact that I have grown all this without adding any water except to get them started, months ago. Please look at the rest of the photos I put on the link if you need to get a handle on what to grow during winter next year. So often I have tried to get people interested in growing food in winter but they seem to think we live in northern Europe or Canada where it is -30 and metres deep in snow. There is not an inch of unplanted ground in my vegie patch because you can plant right up to the edge - it won't dry out until it gets into the 20's -and you can forget the dripper lines !
Everything looks so good in the damp soil. ( Why won't these photos go in nicely like Deb's do ??)

Best fennel crop I have ever grown.

Below is a little solar panel that powers an uplight that I have shining up into the tree ferns all night long.........The panel has a 4m long cord so I can get it to a sunny spot and still have the light in the shade.

Here is my fast-growing perpetual celery now clothed in a juice carton to blanch the stems.

This chook thought I was inside - it is standing on the outside window sill, but I was standing behind it taking the photo.
Posted by PicasaWe have cracked 300 on the hit counter !! In 9 days !! Grow-off, Show-off here we come.

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