Thursday, 23 August 2007

Introducing Peter

Peter was born Saturday 11th August weighing 3180g and 50cm long. We're both healthy and I'm having a wonderful time learning how to be mum. We spent our first day in the garden together today. Weeds arrived, quite a few seedlings dried out and my pak choy and broccoli all flowered while I was in hospital. To cap it off, the chooks broke into my vegie patch once I was home and dug out any seedlings that did survive. However my beans have grown really fast and my fruit trees and much of the rest of my garden is suddenly in flower and looking lovely.

I still have potatoes ready to plant but haven't been able to dig the holes for them yet. Is it too late to plant them this year? Will they keep until next season?


Kate said...

Well done Christie ! It is great you could get out into the garden so soon too. Potatoes can go in now and soon you can sow or plant just about anything. I have learned by experience to cover new seedlings with wire as the chooks always get into the vegie garden at the worst possible time !
I hope we can see Peter soon.

Maggie said...

Congratulations, Peter is a wonderful name for a gardening baby!

Andrew said...

Hi Christie
It won't be long before young Peter is 'helping' you in the garden, and the chooks will seem like a very tame menace by comparison!
I'm enjoying taking my little grand-daughter into the garden, and it's a wonderful place for bonding and building memories of shared times in the sunshine, and getting closer to nature without having to leave the State.
Well done...