Monday, 6 August 2007


Samantha put this question on Deb's post 'What do you do with manures?' Can anyone help ?

" Since you seem to be a bit of a citrus expert, can you tell me if you know of anyone growing curacao in Australia? "

My suggestion would be to contact Perry's Fruit and Nut Nursery.


Anonymous said...

could try Rare Fruits Group.

Anonymous said...

I always thought curacao was a liqueur made from bitter oranges eg saville ( also used for marmalade) They are available but you might have to shop around or ask to get one in. I got mine from Valley Nursery many years ago. its growing well with lots of fruit.

gardengal said...

Thanks Kate.

I rang Perrys and spoke to Chris who was lovely and spent a lot of time trying to track it down but with no success. I suspect its not grown at all in Australia.

I've emailed rare fruits soc. (where I'm a member) but haven't had a response yet.

It is a subspecies of bitter orange. Check out this link if you're interested

If I draw a blank (which I'm sure I will) I'll fall back on other bitter oranges ... seville, bergamot and chinotto which are easily obtained.

Thanks again.