Sunday, 5 August 2007

Indefatigable in the Veggie Patch

Nice word, eh? Indefatigable! It means something like "in-exhaustible". Some people are just like that, and I've never failed to visit southern Germany and find this indefatigable German veggie gardener with a near-perfect garden, full of fruit trees, berries, vegetables and more. And down the back, a home-made wood-oven in which he cooks us "Flammkuchen", which is something like an onion pizza with a thin base. Last time I staggered out of there toting some home-made Apfel schnapps, which looks like clear water, was too explosive to declare to customs, and had I-know-not-what to do with apples (supposedly the main ingredient).
So here's a photo of the indefatigable German veggie gardener, named Rolf. His daughter turned up here in Adelaide about 12 years ago, via the usual long and circuitous route Germans use to visit people for a few months; as I recall, she was the daughter of a chap in the canoe club, who knew a bloke whose wife was in school with my wife, many years ago. That was enough - she (Kirsten) stayed many months, became a fast friend, and returned to Australia quite often. When we're over there, she sometimes invites us around to Dad's garden, seemingly with the express purpose of making me envious, as I feel increasingly "fatigable".
Now I could show you lots of photos of lettuces and cabbages and such-like, but what really impressed me were the berries and cherries, which grow in abundance in the German climate in lieu of our citrus fruits... here they are!


Kate said...

Luckily envy makes us turn green - a good colour for a gardener.

Maggie said...

Garden story number 1 from Andrew.
And what a berry, berry good story it is.

Maggie said...

What is Rolf pointing out?. Were there any unusual herbs or plants?.
I guess they make preserves and jams with the berries. They certainly look good!.