Saturday, 4 August 2007

When I was a child this was what my families kitchen garden was like !

With International Kitchen Garden Day approaching I thought it would be a good chance to write about the kitchen gardens we remember from our childhood.
Or it could be a recent experience of a garden we have created or visited.
Has their been a garden which inspired or delighted you?.
It will be interesting to read everyone's story.

Are some of us actually eating healthier foods than our parents?.
What did our grandparents eat?.

I have some Indian friends I shall try to get a story from them about Southern Indian Kitchen gardens.
Try to get your friends to write their stories.
There are probably even some old photos that could be scanned in.

I have a great aunt who is 102 years of age, still lives on her own, cooks her own meals and lives in a quiet NSW town, I shall write her story.

So the challenge is on lets see how many stories we can get.
They can be anonymous entries, or you can choose a blog name, it does not matter, it is the stories that will be interesting.
Please enter as many stories as you can.

We may even have prizes for the most interesting and most unusual stories.
Good writing deserves good eating ,you never know you could win a Doof Doof cabbage!

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Kate said...

Maggie, this is brilliant ! I will get something from my mother as her father grew all their own vegies during the depression and they had a cow, in Plympton ! I do hope people will contribute to this.I will collate it all and print some out for us, and maybe it could be something like Andrew's booklet.