Thursday, 2 August 2007

Hello from Christie

Thanks to everyone for having me along to my first seedsavers meeting last week. It was great to see so many enthusiastic people with productive kitchen gardens. I came home all excited and set about planting the things I was given as well as lots of the seedlings I had grown from my new Digger's club membership and Diana's "Seeds for Health" course. (All I need to do now is harvest them before the Chooks get to them.) To increase my chances, I've put rings of black plastic gutter guard around lots of the seedlings and pegged them to the ground with bamboo sticks.

My husband was given a subscription to the science magazine Cosmos. Here's an article I scanned in from the (June/ July '07) edition. - To stay happy, keep gardening!


Kate said...

Now I know why I am so happy in the garden. Thanks Christie !

Maggie said...

Sounds good to me I'm off to the garden now!

Bob said...

The whole interesting article can be seen at:
Thanks Chook.