Friday, 3 August 2007

Turmeric Time

Yesterday I was delighted to find some fresh turmeric (bio dynamic) at the Stirling organic market. You may find it at other shops now as it has probably just been harvested.
I first saw it growing in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens a few years ago.
I grew some I bought at a chinese shop at the markets but had the plant in full summer sun and it didn't survive.
I shall keep it under part shade this summer.
I bought a pkt Rosella seeds ,they are wonderful plants.The red fleshy fruit is used to make bright red drinks and jams 'Queensland Jam Plant'.
Also I found a copy of The Seed-Starter's Handbook, Nancy Bubel 1978 edition, in a second hand book store.
My expedition to the Hills turned out to be a good GATHERING DAY.

Click here for link to growing tumeric

Check out Pinu's allotment and Bradford Community Garden at the above link under stories.

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