Friday, 31 August 2007


I have watched the best advertisement for kitchen gardeners I have ever seen on this gorgeous show set in Jamie Oliver's own vegetable garden. He picks fresh, organic things and cooks them simply and with his usual passion for enhancing the natural flavours. The way it is produced should make people without a TV go straight out and buy one. The first time I saw it almost may me cry because it says everything that we believe in. Check out the website:

There is a place to put info of your own so, there we are, on the website now as I couldn't resist adding our bit ! I called myself 'oz vegie girl' , as vegie girl is a username I often use for gardening stuff. Put your own bit on, its fun.

Watch the show 7.30 tonight (Friday) on channel 10. (Tape it and skip the ads - so much nicer).

We have this slightly crazy machine that lets you start watching later and that way you can always skip the ads ! It is great. It does everything except cook dinner, as you can pause it, right in the middle of a program you are watching live, so you can go and make a cup of tea and continue on later. Some technology is terrific.

There are some wonderful things on TV and I wouldn't miss them for anything. Its just like books - seek out things that expand your view of the world and don't be afraid to turn it off!


Kate said...

Did you watch it last night ? All about strawberries - beautiful.

Bob said...

Yes, Maggie & I did, it was great. I really liked the hanging strawberries - you probably wouldn't even have to pick them - just line them up open your mouth and eat, yum.