Sunday, 26 August 2007

KGI International Kitchen Garden Day

Good morning all, this is the first time we will celebrate IKG Day as our blog is not even one year old yet .
Last year I did not have any idea that this rich and colourful tapestry of seedsaving groups, KGI , blogs like Foodshed and much, much more was waiting for us.
So it is with gratitude today that I will remember all Kitchen gardeners from around the world.
People who while I write this will be busy in there gardens and busy preparing good healthy home grown foods for their families and friends.

If you have time click on What is a Kitchen Gardener

Sometimes we need to slow down and remember the fragility of life.

For me I would like to plan (as the gardener does) to try to cultivate other things that can be learnt while gardening.
Things like patience, compassion, gratitude and generosity of spirit.
Well that's the plan !!!
Gardens are great places to be.

So have a great day today and every day.

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