Monday, 27 August 2007

Sunday Breakfast Onion-Eggs

Around here, I'm the gardener, not the cook!
But on Sunday mornings, I cook breakfast for the cook, and she might deign to give me a hand straight afterwards in the garden.
So here's my own simple recipe for a cooked breakfast.
Gently heat olive oil and butter in a fry pan big enough to feed all guys two fried eggs, and all gals one fried egg.
Chop onion and garlic sufficient to cover the bottom of the pan completely, and saute gently on low heat until the onion turns clear (add spices to taste, such as sweet chili sauce, herb salt, etc). Then crack the eggs on top of the onion base, cover the fry pan and simmer gently. This way, the eggs never burn. Egg yolks should be runny, and the whites just set, before serving.
Divide up and serve on brown buttered toast, and add organic Worcestershire Sauce, as shown.
An alternative breakfast uses steamed silverbeet with herb salt, topped with eggs poached in the steaming water.


Maggie said...

Sounds great, are these your chooks eggs? - they look great!. What time on Sundays do you serve breakfast?

Kate said...

It is a great idea to cook the onions under the eggs as various members like their eggs at different stages and I can never get them right the normal way as home grown eggs are so thick and un-runny.