Tuesday, 28 August 2007

A Merry Meadow Feast at Nirvana

Spring sprang as we gathered at Nirvanas Willow House with hosts Deb and Quentin to celebrate KGI International Kitchen Garden Day.
The picnic turned out to be a home grown, home cooked, home dried and home brewed FEAST.
Where shall I start - Quentin cooked "skippy" burgers (kangaroo burgers) then there was Deb's sour dough rolls and platter of home grown and dried fruits and nuts.
Deb and friends provided there home grown and made wines - elderberry, raspberry, shiraz and quince and rhubarb grappa!.
Then there was Warrigal spinach and home grown pine nuts on crispy bread triangles, home grown bowls of green salads, broccoli brown rice salad, yummy organic beef and vegetable soup, roast chicken and home grown and spiced olives, cheese and gherkin sandwiches and blue cheese and crackers.
And we had cake - Kate's orange, orange ,orange cake, carrot and sultana cake, chocolate filled muffins and yummy almond nut slice.
It was a fantastic day to celebrate our wonderful kitchen gardens.
Click on Photos to see more pictures of the day.

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